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Patch collecting has become an ever increasing hobby among scouts around the world.  In the past, scouts had to wait until they attended national and international jamborees in order to trade patches with scouts from other parts of their country or other countries.  Today, the internet has allowed scouts from all over the world to contact other scouts to trade their own individual patches.  There are several sites on the net that allow scouts to post requests for trade.

Those who choose this way of trading must always remember that a Scout is Trustworthy.  When trading with another scout, you should always do ensure you follow through with your agreed trade.  There is a small percentage of people out there that will agree to send you patches in trade for yours but unfortunatley, you never receive the patches or hear from them again.  

Of course the trading at scouting events gives the scout a chance to actually meet others and engage in an active barter for patches.  While I was stationed in Germany for eight years, I had the chance to attend several gatherings called Intercamps.  These campouts usually  lasted 5 to 7 days and were usually hosted by a different country each year.  The event drew scout units from all around. Normally you would find units from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands along with American, British and Canadian units from the military forces that were stationed in Germany.  In the later years after the fall of the Berlin wall, units from the Czech Republic and Hungary were represented.  In fact the Czechs hosted the last Intercamp I was able to attend in 1994.

Besides collecting scout patches, I also collect orders, medals and decorations from around the world.  You can visit my medals website at :

Please note that the patches & badges on these pages are not for trade or sale.  If you are interested in trading, just drop me an e-mail for a current list of available badges.

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